The Privilege you deserve

A JAGJOYU family every member deserves great rewards

At JAGJOYU we work tirelessly to provide satisfactory services to every member, thanks to our loyal and satisfied customers and members support to grow JAGJOYU family. Therefore, we want to reward your loyalty and that of your family, with our referral program.

Invite your family and friends to join JAGJOYU family member and receive valuable rewards for your referrals.

What is the process to refer anyone to become a member?

A Member can refer membership from their own profile. You need to add basic details & email address of invitee, then click on invite the member. Once, invitee successfully completes the process to become a member, then the referral commission will be applicable.

Can I earn member referral commission?

Yes, you can earn member referral commission.

What is the commission per membership referral?

We have different referral program exclusive for Members and Agents engaged with the company. For more details, kindly ‘Ask for a Call’ or submit a query by becoming a ‘New User’.

How will the commission be paid to me?

Commission will be paid in your Bank Account registered to your JagJoyu’s Account.

How the referral of a Member will be considered?

The records visible in system will be considered for referral commission payout against each Membership_Id.